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Outlook email client is a very useful application when it comes to sending and receiving messages, keeping in touch with friends and colleagues, and staying on top of things which need to be dealt with, whether at the office, or at home. This email client stores all of your important data locally so that you’re able to access it even when your internet speed drops. But sometimes the size of the thing goes up so much that it gets unwieldy, and this slows down the application.

The 2007 version of Outlook is outfitted to be able to handle a 20GB data file at the maximum, while Outlook 2010 can manage 50GB of data. The size limits can be raised manually, though this would almost always impede optimal performance. The sensible thing to do, as you’ve probably guessed already, is cut down the size of the PST file. That’s how to fix Outlook errors you might be facing, such as a noticeable lag in the application, before it responds to a command.

You’ll need to go to the location where the PST files are stored in the PC. Find and select the file, and compact it, so that the size is reduced.

  • In Outlook 2007, go to File> Data File Management. Choose the oversized PST file from here, and hit Settings. Choose the Compact Now In Outlook 2010, go to the File tab, and select Info. Hit Account Settings, and then Account Settings once more. When the dialog box comes up, move to the Data Files tab, then Settings, and choose Compact Now.

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  • The above step should have shrunk the file enough for Outlook to work properly once more. If it didn’t then the next step is to try and archive the PST file. For this you’ll need the AutoArchive dialog box. There, you can choose from plenty of options to archive the PST file. You could do it right away, instead of setting it up for later and then waiting for it. Hit the Archive button and this will be taken care of.

That was on how to fix Outlook errors arising from the size of the mailbox. For this, you can use the Cleanup Tools button, and then choose Mailbox Cleanup. Though the size of the PST file will remain the same after compacting it, it will have considerably more blank space in it, which the application can use for speed.

Fixing Crashes In Outlook 2013

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Outlook 2013 is the most recent version of Microsoft’s productivity email app for desktop PCs. It comes with many features oriented towards cloud storage, which is just what many people need to use these days. Data safety and privacy are huge concerns, and with updated software like Outlook 2013, the functionality you can avail leaves little to be desired.

But like other versions of the same app, the 2013 iteration throws crash and hang problems at the user. This Outlook error can be very disruptive, and cause data loss if the file was not saved at the time. This is usually when people call the Outlook support number for data retrieval assistance.

  • Malware code or Windows-related issue
  • Hardware issue
  • Corrupted installation files
  • Damaged backup file
  • 3rd party add-on conflicts

Finding out the reason for the crash

One good tool that lets you easily find out the cause for the crash is Office Configuration Analyzer Tool. This can be downloaded online and installed in your Windows PC. This is actually an addition to the Office Suite, which works for all versions Outlook 2003 onwards. But you will not find mention of this inside the software, and it’s just as well that you found your way to this post.

After installing the Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), run it and select the option to generate a report. For this you will fist need to perform a scan, so hit Start scanning. The main benefit of this is that you get information not just about the crashes, but also about any invalid registry keys, updates, or other problematic issues. The suggestions you get in due course are ones you really should not avoid, because that would defeat the purpose of installing this app in the first place.

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When the sane report is finished being compiled, open it and look around in the Event Logs section: Application Event Log Entries for the Last Outlook crashes. The red icons signify instances where you had a crash. These will be listed if they happened recently. In the report, find the Faulting module name and Faulting module path for the crash that you are interested in. The latter is the actual reason for the issue occurring when it did. If this is something in the System32 folder then the Outlook was responsible for its own crash.

If the steps above do not resolve the issue for you, you might have to call Microsoft’s Outlook support number for official assistance. Alternately, browse through help forums for solutions to the problem.

Deleting Duplicate Email In Microsoft Outlook

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Outlook provides an excellent email management application. The amazing thing is that with a decent Microsoft Outlook price, you can get emailing convenience, customizability and flexibility in the email experience it offers its users. When it comes to the ability it gives the users to organize their email messages, the email client is second to none. Even with all the goodness, you cannot expect it to function without errors eternally, like any great software. There are issues that can occur and that needs to be resolved before it works normally again.

One of the most irritating problems concerning Microsoft Outlook is the duplication of email messages, which is quite common. You see a lot of duplicate emails in your Outlook Inbox. This happens mainly after reinstalling your system and retrieving email messages in Outlook. Good many duplicate copies of emails are seen in the application. Even when the user synchronizes Microsoft Outlook with mobile devices such as Windows Phone, smartphones, phablets, tablets, PDA etc. this problem happens. Many duplicate copies are available in the email program.

Cluttering of the inbox is one problem and apart from that duplicate copies can make your Outlook really slow, because they take up unnecessary space. The sad part is that Microsoft Outlook does not provide any efficient feature to take care of duplicate email messages in every folder. In case you are looking for duplicate messages in each and every folder, then it will definitely be a tedious task. Here are some possible ways around it:

Now, the following method attempts to simplify the deletion process of duplicate email, read carefully:

  • Select the particular folder with duplicate items you wish to delete
  • Click on ‘View’ tab in ribbon and then click on ‘Change view’.  Change the folder view to table type.
  • Using ‘Field Chooser list’, make selection for all fields
  • Drag ‘modified field’ to the table heading.

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  • If there are some unique data, you can click ‘Modifying heading’ for sorting the emails in the field.
  • Make selection for first and last email item set, by clicking on the Shift key
  • Hit the delete button for removing the selected items permanently from the computer.

Hopefully, the above method should slightly simplify the deletion process, though with the Microsoft Outlook price you do not have a de-duplication feature available. We hope that in the future Microsoft Outlook email setup settings will come up with something that avoids duplicates automatically. Let us wait and see.

Ways To Synchronize A Webmail With Outlook

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Microsoft developed Outlook, which is an email management program popular for its various Microsoft Outlook tools, features and flexibility.  With some basic features such as emails send/receive, allocation of tasks, scheduling jobs etc., the program provides various other capabilities and functionalities. The email client makes accessing Webmail messages really convenient for users. The Microsoft Outlook Synchronization feature is exceptional. You can have the program synchronized with various webmail accounts. Let us see how to synchronize the email program with your Gmail account.

Of all Microsoft Outlook tools and features, synchronizing is special. For syncing Outlook with Gmail, you should enable the IMAP server. For the purpose of activating IMAP, you need to log in to your Gmail account. Thereafter, you can click on the “Options” button found in the extreme right corner of the computer screen and then you will be able to select “Mail Settings” from the dropdown list. Then, in the “Settings” pane, you require clicking on the “Forwarding” and “POP/IMAP” link.

You may see that POP has been enabled and IMAP has automatically been disabled. You can click on the “Enable IMAP” button. After that, click “Save Changes”.  You need to log out from Gmail account and then close your internet browser. Open Microsoft Outlook and then click on the “Tools” menu. Thereafter, select “Account Settings” option in the drop down menu. Click “New” button.  Then click on the “radio” button next to Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP and then click the Next button and then move on. You need to then click on the button next to “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”.  Then, click on “Next”.  Later on, click on Internet E-mail and click on Next.

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Enter all the relevant information like your Gmail address and your name in the respective fields below “User Information”. Within “server Information”, click on the drop-down arrow beside “Account Type” and select “IMAP” and click on it. Enter “‘” and “” for incoming and outgoing mail servers respectively, which is important. Below log-on information, you need to key in your user name (Gmail address) and appropriate password.  For avoiding the entering password process again, you can then check the “Remember password” box.  Check the “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” box.

Move to “More Settings” and hit “Outgoing Server” tab and check the “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”.  Select “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”, you need to highlight the “Advanced Tab”, type in “993” and “587” in “Incoming Server (IMAP)” and “Outgoing server (SMTP)” filed respectively. Choose “SSL” and “TLS” below the type of encrypted connection option for incoming and Outgoing servers respectively.  Hit “Ok” when you are done with your settings.

There you go, now you will be able to access all your Gmail emails from your Outlook.

Outlook 2013 Offers Better Interoperability With Exchange Active Sync

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EAS stands for Exchange Active Sync. It is a protocol that enables email clients and computing devices to access data stored in Exchange mailboxes. Microsoft Outlook supports EAS protocol and is capable of being connected to email services like is compatible with EAS protocol so there should not be any problem when you attempt to connect it to MS Outlook. However, if you are using a different email service, you need to ensure that the email service is supported by the EAS protocol.

Older Outlook versions offer only limited level of interoperability with EAS protocol. So, when you try to connect an email service that is supported by EAS to an older Outlook version, you might not be able to enjoy all the features in it. Interestingly, the latest Outlook version, Outlook 2013, offers higher level support for Exchange Active Sync protocol. This is because Outlook 2013 is designed to be a better platform for IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol).

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The latest Outlook version (Outlook 2013) is equipped with a number of advanced features. According to Outlook help desk, the Microsoft Outlook price for the new email client version is quite affordable for all types of users. The software giant has listed the Microsoft Outlook price (Outlook 2013 price) on its Outlook blog.

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The blog post lists down the reasons why Microsoft has integrated Exchange Active Sync (EAS) with Outlook 2013. The primary reason for the integration is the widespread use of smartphones. Currently, more than half of the email users access their emails from their smartphones rather than from a laptop or office desk. Due to this, email service providers are forced to tweak their accessibility protocols to suite mobile devices.

The integration of EAS protocol enables email service providers like, Gmail, Yahoo etc to ensure that their customers are able to sync their accounts with their devices or email client applications like Microsoft Outlook. When both their email account and email client application are EAS supported, there is better compatibility and interoperability for email synchronizing.

Besides EAS support, Outlook 2013 enjoys better tech support. According to experienced users, there are very few technical issues with Outlook 2013 as compared to previous Outlook versions. So, upgrade to Outlook 2013 today and see how it helps you to be more productive in your email communications. Get in touch with our tech support desk if you have any queries.

How To Integrate Your Skype Messenger With Outlook Email Client

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You might be using a chat messenger like Skype as well as the Outlook email client. With many of your contacts and other useful information stored in these two applications, it will be much easier if you can integrate the two and synchronise all the contact information stored in them. There are Microsoft Outlook tools you can use to achieve this.

Integrating Skype messenger with Outlook

The latest MS Outlook and Skype versions are designed by Microsoft in such a way that integration between these two applications happens automatically. So, the contacts you have stored in the Skype messenger will be automatically synchronised with the Outlook email client app. This feature is present in the latest Skype Messenger versions and you can synchronise it easily with all the latest Outlook versions from 2010 onwards.

But, if you are using any of the older versions of Outlook or Skype, then you have to use some third party Microsoft Outlook tools to facilitate the integration between these two applications. There are plenty of such software tools available online.


One of the most effective tools available for Skype integration with Outlook is SkyLook. This tool essentially embeds the Skype Messenger into the Outlook version you are using. So, you will be able to access the Skype Messenger functions from the mail client itself. However, there is a catch. This tool comes with a very expensive price tag, close to 100 dollars. There is no freeware version available. You can use the trial version for about 14 days.


This is a very simple application that adds a toolbar for the Skype Messenger in your Outlook mail client. Compared to the expensive SkyLook tool, this one comes with a very affordable price tag of just 15 dollars. But, you are going to get only the essential Skype functions by using this tool.

VoIP Phone Buddy for Skype

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This is yet another cheap option available for integrating Skype with the Outlook email client. Available for just 20 dollars, this application allows you to integrate Skype with any Windows application you are running in the OS, not just the Outlook email client. So, this tool is certainly worth the price.

Skype Email Toolbar for Outlook Express

This is a freeware tool designed to integrate Skype with the Outlook Express mail client. This toolbar will indicate to you whenever any of your Skype contacts comes online so that you can start a chat session with them.

These are just some of the tools available for Skype-Outlook integration. For any further information on the same, you may get in touch with our technical support team.

Efficient Use Of The Outlook Program

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Outlook program is into the business of managing email messages for long and it has evolved to become the most popular and sought after email client. The program helps the users to manage their email messages and other daily operations in their computers. If you are using the Outlook program efficiently, it will help you to reduce email spam, and phishers and will offer seamless integration of the scheduling. The Outlook program has very efficient filters that will help you to keep away spam and other unnecessary email messages.

This is the reason the Outlook program is called a computer support program that offers great flexibility to the users and also offers thorough synchronization of the files and folders. The program features simple templates that are much easy to use. The spam filter that is integrated to the program is much efficient and will block any phishing attempts. The program can be integrated to social networks to get regular updates, and also offers emailing services, a to do list and a scheduler. This is the reason why the program is considered much flexible and helpful to the users in general.

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With the Outlook program, the users will be able to take control of it without fearing about damaging email messages and online conversations. The program is capable of managing more than one email account at a time. The users will be able to use MSN, Hotmail and other accounts without the need to close the program. The filters that are present in the program will help the users manage labels, and threads easily. Another advantage of the Outlook program, as per the ‘Get Microsoft Outlook help’ team is that it supports access in computers as well as smartphones and tablets.

The RSS feeds of the program allow the users to treat all the email messages as though they all are new email messages. This will help your PC to work faster and better as the program will not take much of the memory space of the PC. Outlook program reduces the confusion and ambiguity in computer operations and offers a fast way to use the same. Some of this information was offered by the Windows tech support team. If you wish to get Microsoft Outlook help, you can contact the official Outlook help and support team.

Some Tips For Boosting Outlook Performance

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Every piece of information you have in Outlook, say emails, contacts in the address book or calendar entries, etc are saved in the Outlook PST file. It is quite normal that your Outlook PST file becomes too large over a period of time. Due to the oversize of the Outlook PST file, you will face a number of problems such as errors while opening the inbox, while sending emails, while launching the application etc. The simple solution to prevent these types of errors is to reduce the size of the PST file.

How to reduce size of PST files?

According to help with Outlook pages, a user can reduce the size of his Outlook PST files by deleting unwanted email messages in the inbox, outbox and deleted items folder. It is recommended to back up your Outlook data before you permanently delete any data from the application. By backing up the entire data, you can prevent loss of important messages.

Clear the trash

When you delete an item from the inbox or outbox, it will be moved to the Deleted Items folder. That you have deleted an unwanted message from the inbox would not reduce the size of the PST file as it will remain in the application, in the Deleted Items folder. Hence, you need to clear the trash from the Deleted Itemsfolder as well. To clear the Deleted Items folder, open Outlook and navigate to the Deleted Items folder. Right-click the folder and choose Empty Deleted Items from the resulting dialogue box. This will clear up the folder.

Create an archive Outlook PST file

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You may have hundreds of emails in the Inbox. Certainly, you may not have read many of them and you wouldn’t want to delete them all of a sudden. The best thing to do at such a point is to create an archive PST file and release free space for the Outlook PST file. You can read emails stored in the archive PST file later on.

After archiving all the important email messages and purging the unnecessary ones, you would certainly be able to speed up Outlook. You will notice that Outlook functions faster than before. Well, this is just one of the different methods to speed up Outlook. Visit our help with Outlook page to check out other tips that would help you make Outlook work faster and more productively.