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There are two methods to access your internet email account. One is through the internet browser and the other is through an email client program. When you try to access the email account through an internet browser, you type your username and password for the account. However, once you configure the email client program with the email account, you simply need to launch the program to access the emails. All the emails received on the internet email account are downloaded to the email program. The major benefit of an email client program is that you can access or view the downloaded email even if there is no internet connection in the computer or if the program is offline.

There are numerous email client programs from various developers. Some of the most common and widely used email client programs in the market are Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc. Among all these email client programs, Outlook has the maximum number of users.

Outlook can be purchased as an individual program or along with the Microsoft Office Suite Package. Microsoft Outlook price varies depending on the version you buy. The program was first available along with Office 97. Since then, Microsoft has released many versions of the program. In 1998, we saw the release of Outlook 98 and in 1999 Outlook 2000. In May 2001, Microsoft released Outlook 2002 and in the year 2003, the company released Outlook 2003. Then there was a gap of four years and the next version of Outlook was launched in 2007. Microsoft then released Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013. In between, the company also released a version of Outlook in 2011, which was intended for Mac users.

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Now, in addition to sending and receiving emails, Outlook has many other features and functions integrated in it. Some of the other features of the program are the Calendar, Contacts, Tasks etc. The Calendar feature in the program allows you to plan and schedule different things. The Contacts section allows you to add contact details to the program. Outlook email client helps you to configure email clients from different service providers. With this, you can start accessing all the emails received in different accounts at one place.

With large number of advantages of Outlook email client, more and more people configure their email accounts in the program. So, if you wish to make use of this internet email client, download it today. Keep in mind that Microsoft Outlook price vary depending on the version you choose.

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Instructions For Downloading Images With Emails In Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is the most used email manager in the world with a wide user base. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the program is its security features. If you are having some spam messages and are having some issues while managing the emails in your current email account, then I recommend that you get Microsoft Outlook program. One of the security features in the Outlook program prevents the automatic loading of pictures and images in the email you receive. Here we describe simple instructions that you can follow for making the blocked images visible in the Outlook email client.


  • Open the Microsoft Outlook program by double clicking on its shortcut icon found in the desktop. If you are not able to find the desktop shortcut icon, click on the Start menu button for opening the Start menu and then select the All Programs tab. Now you will be able to view all the programs installed in your system. Look for the Microsoft Outlook program and then click on it for launching it.
  • When the application window appears on the screen, click on the Tools menu found at the top of the application window.
  • From the drop down menu that appears on the screen, click on the option named Trust Center. Select the Automatic Download option from the context menu that appears on the screen.
  • Now look for the option named as Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages or RSS items in the page that is displayed on the screen and then remove the check mark found in the box found next to it by clicking on it if it is ticked.

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  • From now on, you will get Microsoft Outlook to view images in the emails downloaded from the remote server to the email account you have. Click on the OK button for making the changes you have made in the Outlook program permanent.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to view the images attached in the email messages you have downloaded to your system using the Outlook email manager program. However, if you are not able to make it possible by following the instructions given above, feel free to contact the Microsoft Outlook help and support team for further support instructions.

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Microsoft Ends Support For Vista SP1

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Microsoft Support Updates

Microsoft is continuing the process of putting an end to the services related to its aged operating systems and as a result has dropped support for Windows Vista Service Pack. The software giant has said that users would require buying Windows 7 or upgrading to the latest version of Windows Vista. By terminating these services, Microsoft has made clear it has no plans to encourage the use of the old operating systems by the users.

As stated in the Microsoft support site, Vista Service Packs came in two versions. The company has ended the support for one of the versions and would soon cut the cord on the other. Although it is being said that extended support for the Vista Service Pack would be available until April 11, 2017, users would find it difficult to access these services. As stated by the Windows tech support technicians, once support for a Service Pack ends, the operating system would no longer receive security updates. This would in turn make the OS more vulnerable to malware attacks and other related issues. Hence, as stated by Microsoft, it would be better if users switched over to other versions such as windows 7.


Microsoft Support Issues

As stated by Microsoft in a blogpost, “We recommend folks look at upgrading to Windows 7, which is the fastest selling operating system in history, selling over 400 million licenses to-date. Windows Vista users can also use Windows Update to update their PC to the latest service pack available which is Service Pack 2 (SP2).” The end-of-support dates follow published Microsoft policies and so are known months or even years in advance. As mentioned in the Microsoft support site, it doesn’t mean that the users would require buying a new system. They would be able to easily upgrade their systems to the second Service Pack for free. Adding to this, it has been found that many Vista machines have the hardware that has the options to easily upgrade to Windows 7. But this won’t cause much a trouble to the Windows users because most the users rely on XP and 7 OS in their systems. Hence, when Microsoft finally puts an end to Windows 7 in 2015, things could get complicated for the users.

Once the support for Windows 7 stops, the users would have no other options rather than going for Windows 8 and 8.1. It is also clear that Microsoft would opt for more strategies in between to retain its customers.

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Steps To Share A Secondary Calendar In The Outlook Program

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When the users set up a Microsoft Exchange email account in the Outlook program, they will be able to configure a connection to some secondary Exchange account. In order to access a secondary email account, the server administrator should grant your primary account with explicit permission. Then, via the Outlook program, the user will be able to share the calendar data on the secondary account with the other users on the same Exchange Server.

While customizing the sharing settings, the user will need to specify the levels of access that each user should have to the calendar data. The help with Outlook tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps to share a secondary calendar data in the Microsoft Outlook program.


  • Turn on your PC and then open the Microsoft Outlook program. Then log into your primary email account. You will now be authenticated simultaneously to your secondary account at this time.
  • You may then click on the Folder View icon that is located at the lower right corner of the Outlook window.
  • In the folder list that is located on the left side of the open window, you will be able to see your secondary Exchange account. Click on it to expand it.
  • Right click on the Calendar icon and then select the Sharing option. This will open a pop-up window with a number of sharing settings on your desktop screen.
  • You may then click on the Add button to grant permission to the secondary calendar to some other user on the Exchange server.
  • Make use of the Permission Level drop-down menu to determine the type of access the outside users will have to the calendar data that is being shared.

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    Help With Microsoft Outlook

  • Click on the OK button to save the settings and start the sharing of the secondary calendar through the Microsoft Outlook program.

By following the above-discussed simple steps, you will be able to share a secondary calendar in the Microsoft Outlook program. If you have any doubts on any of the steps that are discussed above, you can contact the help with Outlook team. They will be able to clear all your doubts and will help you finish the steps successfully without getting any Outlook errors. You may also refer to the Outlook help modules that are posted in the Microsoft website to know more on the steps.

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Outlook 2010 - The Best Outlook Version To Upgrade To

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It is roughly estimated that more than 500 million employees in various organizations around the world make use of Microsoft Office applications. Undoubtedly, the most widely used MS Office app is Outlook. Over the years, Microsoft has modified the apps included in the MS Office bundle. Outlook has received major improvements whenever it gets a new version. Outlook 2010, one of the latest Outlook versions, has numerous impressive features that would cater to the entire communication needs of an organization, educational institution and other offices where it is used.

About the Outlook 2010 features

Outlook is generally regarded as an email client application. However, in fact, it is more than that. It is a great task manager, address book and calendar application. In Outlook 2010, most of these features have been modified and improved. Outlook 2010 contains modern features such as social networking options, email organization and search. Wherever you are, Outlook 2010 lets you be productive while keeping in touch with your business as well as personal networks. If you are using an older Outlook version, it is high time that you thought of an upgrade to Outlook 2010. Here are some tips to help you make the migration to Outlook 2010.

System requirements to install Outlook 2010 in your PC

To install Outlook 2010 in your PC and to ensure that it runs smoothly, you need to have the following system requirements.

  • 500 MHz or faster processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 2GB free space in the hard drive

OS Requirements

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Outlook 2010 is compatible with most of the currently used Windows operating systems such as Vista, XP or 7. If you are using Windows XP OS (32bit), you should upgrade it with Service Pack 3. If you are using Windows Vista operating system (32bit), you need to upgrade it with Service Pack 1.

As per the Outlook tech support website, the minimum display requirement for Outlook 2010 is 1024 x 576 resolution monitor.

Browser requirements

You should have installed Internet Explorer 6 or newer versions to be able to use Outlook 2010. 32-bit browser is a must.

Microsoft Outlook price

Microsoft Outlook price is subject to changes depending on the region you are located. To know about the price of Outlook 2010 in your area, visit the Outlook tech support webpage.

Outlook 2010 is the best version compatible with most of the Windows OS versions. So, go ahead and get it today.

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