How To Bypass Outlook Data Loss Caused Due To PST File Corruption?

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Every piece of information you have in Microsoft Outlook is stored in a single file called PST. PST is the abbreviation of Personal Storage Table. When you get an email in Outlook, compose a new mail, or add a contact, the data is converted into PST format and gets stored in the local drive. Because Outlook stores its information in the local drive in a single PST file, you can access all your Outlook data even if the internet is temporary facing an outage. The best part is that you can access your Outlook data whenever you wish, no matter whether the internet is on or off. However, there are greater chances of losing all your data through PST file corruption.

PST file corruption

Help with Outlook, a section in Outlook support page that deals with common Outlook problems and their solutions, lists down the causes for the corruption of PST files.

System changes

Because PST files are stored in the local drive of your PC, any changes being attributed to the PC settings could potentially affect the PST files. Mostly, the files get corrupted and consequently you lose all your Outlook data. To restore Outlook data that has been lost due to PST file corruption, you need to repair it with the help of the built-in Outlook repair tool.

Virus infection

Microsoft Outlook

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Virus infection is a common threat to data stored in a PC including the PST file. If you suspect that your Outlook data has been lost or you are being prevented from accessing Outlook without any known system changes, you could suspect a virus infection in your PC. Before executing the inbuilt PST repair tool, you ought to eliminate the virus infection and free your PC from any potential threats. Thereafter, you can execute the PST repair tool and retrieve all your Outlook data.

How to prevent Outlook data loss due to corruption of PST files?

It is not possible to prevent corruption of PST files totally. However, you can save Outlook data from loss through PST file corruption by backing it up from time to time. It is good to take a back up of your Outlook data to an external storage device or cloud storage solution to keep it intact from any threat or corruption.

If you have any questions regarding backing up of Outlook data or retrieving Outlook data from corrupted PST files, visit the help with Outlook section in our Outlook support forum.

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Removing The Bing Toolbar From Firefox & IE

How To Remove Bing Toolbar

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The Bing search engine is created and deployed by Microsoft Corporation. One marketing strategy they use is incentivizing different software publishers to include the Bing toolbar inside their program installers. Though a win-win for both parties, this can be a real nuisance to the computer user. Most cases involve the toolbar getting installed in the computer without the user finding out until later. Also, using Microsoft’s products might mean that they set their Bing search as the default engine in your browser. You can’t blame the company for putting its product out there, only the way it chooses to do it.

There are even Windows Updates which install the Bing Bar into Internet Explorer, and you wouldn’t be the wiser. You don’t find many people who want this toolbar around; there are definitely more people trying to get it out of their PCs. This is usually because where web search is concerned, they prefer the services of Google.

How to remove Bing toolbar from Mozilla Firefox

You can remove the Bing toolbar from your Firefox browser using the steps outlined below.

  • Launch Firefox, and hit the button at the top left.
  • Hit Add-ons then choose Extensions.
  • Choose the Bing toolbar entry from the list you have in front of you.
  • Hit Uninstall.
  • Go to Plugins, and find and uninstall the Bing toolbar entries there.
  • Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.

    Toolbar Removal

                        Uninstall Bing Toolbar

Removal from IE

Internet Explorer might take on the Bing toolbar after a Windows Update process, or if you recently moved to Windows 7. In either case, you’ll have to take care of the removal manually. For this, you can use the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel.

  • Before starting, close all open Windows in IE, or any other browser for that matter.
  • Go to the Start Menu and bring up the Control Panel by hitting the entry there. Once the window pops up, choose Add\Remove Programs.
  • Find any Bing Bar listing in what’s shown, and hit the Uninstall button beside it.
  • Follow the instruction you get on the uninstaller, and complete the removal. Restart IE once this is done.

That was on how to remove Bing toolbar from your computer. For similar toolbar deletion help, use the search on this page. We have other posts explaining toolbar removal for PUPs like Ask, Babylon, etc.

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Getting Rid Of Bing Toolbar From Your Browser

How To Remove Bing Toolbar

            Uninstall Bing Toolbar

The Bing Toolbar is a ubiquitous computer application, with components including extensions, which upend your browser settings. Many people face issues of this sort, and try and seek out how to remove Bing toolbar from their computers.

This toolbar isn’t very big on usefulness, considering what modern browser versions are already capable of. And to offset what small benefits it does provide, this extension changes your browser settings, including the home page and the default search engine. Not to mention it steals away a good portion of your browsing screen if you enable it, and is virtually useless if you don’t.

It needs to be understood that the Bing extension installation doesn’t just set it up in the browser alone. There will be other files and registry entries created at the time of installation, as with any other application.

One method for removing this toolbar would leave some of the related files behind on your machine. There’s also no guarantee that it will work, because it makes use of the uninstall function of the software, as opposed to the native option in Windows. There’s the chance of this going south if the configuration files get corrupted, because this means the uninstaller won’t function as it should. Sometimes you won’t even have that to work with it, because an uninstaller wasn’t included with the installation.

You should first try and uninstall the program from the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel. To help you out, here are the steps.

  • Hit the Start button on the left end of the taskbar, and select Control Panel.

    Bing Extension

                    Eliminate Bing Toolbar

  • If you’re on Windows XP, choose the Add/Remove Programs option. Users of later Operating systems need to go to the Uninstall a program option.
  • Find the Bing bar in the list of items shown here, and click Uninstall. When you’re asked for a confirmation, choose Yes.
  • When the uninstaller comes up, you might be asked to complete a survey, or something else of the sort. Finish with that and close the window once the uninstallation process is over.
  • Remember that you’d still have some of the files left over from the removal process – a few of these in the registry. To make sure you remove those too, you might have to install and run an uninstaller program. Such applications take care of more thorough removal than Windows usually does for you.

That was some useful information on how to remove Bing toolbar from your computer. For more such useful tips and tricks, read the latest posts.

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Outlook 2013 Is Worth Its Price - Review

Microsoft Outlook Price

              Buy Outlook 2013

The software giant Microsoft has released the latest version of its much popular Outlook email client. The new Outlook version looks cleaner and attractive with its brand new look. Through its clean view, Microsoft wants its customers to realize that they can focus on what is really important for them.

Remarkable improvements have been made to the utilities such as contacts, calendar and emailing. Microsoft claims that Outlook 2013 helps users do the communication more effectively and easily. What is so exciting about the new version is its staggeringly low price. The Microsoft Outlook price for the new version is just $122.50. Well, if you are intrigued to purchase Outlook because of its relatively lower price, wait a minute; let me tell you about the exciting new features added to the application.

Better options for handling messages

The Outlook 2013 comes with better options for handling email messages. The application sports a clear view for message access. Consequently, you are able to focus on the task immediately. A single glance will be enough for you to determine what is necessary to be done at the moment. There is an option for previewing the messages and determining their priority for acting on. The reply option has been tweaked.

In the previous Outlook versions, you had to go through a whole lot of processes to send a reply to an email message in the inbox. Conversely, in Outlook 2013, the reply option is rather simple and straight forward. After reading the message, click the Reply option in the message and enter your message straight in the reading pane. The reading pane contains the options for flagging, deleting or marking the message.

Previous Outlook Versions

              Outlook 2013 Features

People Card in Outlook 2013

Another brand new feature that is worth the Microsoft Outlook price is the People Card. The People Card lets you gather important information about a contact. Details such as phone number, email, company info, address, online availability and social media updates can be gathered through the People Card. Furthermore, the card allows you to schedule meetings, give call back, send messages, etc.  Apparently, it acts as a one-stop shop for every communication need.

Outlook 2013 has better Calendar options for managing the emails, appointments and connecting with people through social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Unlike previous Outlook versions, it is more touch-friendly as well. However, it does not restrict you from accessing all its features on non-touch devices. Upgrade to Outlook 2013 and check out its latest features.

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Microsoft Revealed New Features For Outlook Web Application

Get Microsoft Outlook

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The software giant, Microsoft, is slowly but surely moving to the lucrative devices and services field. This means that the company is planning to become a full-fledged devices and services company. Since Microsoft has to remain competitive in the modern market, they need to establish their presence in more platforms as it is moving towards devices and services. This is exactly why the software company has recently announced that it is releasing Outlook Web App for Android.

IPhone users might already be aware of the Outlook Web App available for the iOS devices. Most Android users were eagerly waiting to get Microsoft Outlook App on their devices as well. And now, they will be able to get Microsoft Outlook from the Google Play.

The great thing is that users who use Office 365 for business needs will be able use the new Outlook application on their Android devices. The Redmond based software giant did not just reveal an all-new OWA for Android at the Microsoft Exchange Conference; they actually introduced many new features for Outlook Web App in Office 365.

The new Outlook Web App is an excellent webmail application, which forms a part of Microsoft Exchange Server. It gives enterprises better access to various features such as email, calendars, contacts, documents, tasks, and the like. If this is not enough, you can expect some great features to come: Clutter, Enhanced Document Collaboration, Groups, and above all, the Outlook Web App for Android.

Features For Outlook Web

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You might get confused with ‘Clutter‘. It is actually a codename of a feature coming to the Outlook Web App. The important thing here is that it will help remove unimportant mail from the inbox of users. Another thing about the new feature is that it works by using the intelligence learning of Office Graph. This is a feature much recently revealed, which uses the advanced sophisticated machine learning techniques for connecting you to relevant documents and conversations within your organization.

The software maker has also introduced improved documentation collaboration with the help of Outlook Web App. In short, you will be able to share files stored in the cloud as email attachments easily. ‘Groups‘ is another feature in Outlook Web App, which allows easier collaboration and work with other in the organization.

That was some info on the new OWA for Android. Stay tuned for more such news from the tech giant.

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