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Outlook is the email program from Microsoft that allows users to set up their internet email accounts. It was first released in the year 1997 as Outlook 97. Since then, Microsoft has released many versions of the program along with its Microsoft Office Suite. Outlook is being widely used around the world by both home users and business professionals. The major advantage of this email client program is that you can view emails from your different internet accounts at one place. The latest version of Outlook is the 2013 version.

Microsoft releases regular updates for its Outlook email client and the latest among these updates are aimed at de-cluttering the email program. The software giant has also released updates for various organizing tools in the program. The new enhanced Microsoft Outlook tools will help the users to use the program more efficiently.

According to Microsoft, the average number of emails received by a user in a year is about 10,000 in which just 20 percent constitute personal emails. Bulk of the other emails is intended for promotional purposes, newsletters etc. With the new enhancements to the Sweep tool in the program, users can start deleting these unwanted emails quickly and free their inbox. This tool is already a big success among the users. With the new updates, Microsoft has made it simpler.

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The updates to the search tools will now help users search for a particular email with a lot of ease. According to Mike Schackwitz, who is the program manager at Outlook, “We provide a set of default categories based on the most common types of e-mail, such as newsletters and social updates, but you can also easily create your own categories based on your inbox activity.” He further adds, “With your email organized the way you want it, you can use the updated Search tool to quickly find email regardless of the category or folder it’s in. One of the most commonly-searched criteria is for people, so we now show your contact names and pictures together when you’re looking for them.”

With the new updates, Microsoft hopes to make the program more attractive and user friendly. By easier removal methods of unwanted emails, it is expected that users of other email clients would be tempted to make a transfer to Microsoft Outlook. Users can download and install the updates for Microsoft Outlook tools from the official website of Microsoft.

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MS Office Stripped-Down Version In RT

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Microsoft Office is undoubtedly the most popular suite of servers, services and applications out there. This fact is well known by Windows OS users all across the world. It would have obviously crossed their minds regarding the email- client’s availability on Mobile phones. This is precisely why the latest announcement would bring a smile to millions of faces. Microsoft Office will be available preloaded in Windows RT. This means you need not have to install Microsoft Office yourself. You can use the software application directly, right away.

Now, one of the key differences between Microsoft’s upcoming Windows RT platform and competing mobile operating systems such as iOS (Apple’s iOS) or Android is that (as mentioned before) Windows RT will come now with Microsoft Office preloaded on it.

That means you need not spend extra money to buy an Office Suite copy, and you would not have to wonder whether your device will have compatibility issues when trying to open Microsoft Office documents, because it has already been taken care of; it is already installed in your Mobile.

This may not be the entire story as there are certain things that may not entirely exciting. The world’s largest software maker, Microsoft is laying out more details about Office for Windows RT. And it’s not all pretty.

It is not all bad though, for instance, the good news is that Office for Windows RT will include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. But you won’t get Microsoft Outlook, Access, or Publisher.

Here comes some more bad news, you also would not get all the same features on Windows RT that you get with Office 2013 for x86 devices. For example, there is no support for macros, add-ins, or ActiveX, which is something of a downer considering the fact these features are necessary for many important tasks.

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The software giant will include a preview version of Office Home & Student, when Windows RT ships. A free update to the full version will be available once it’s ready for public consumption.

While the new version of Office has been retooled, revamped so that certain functions are easier to use on tablets and laptops with touch-screen displays, you can still use Word, Excel, and other apps with a keyboard and mouse or touchpad.

Though Windows RT may be designed for devices with ARM-based processors, but that does not particularly mean slate-style computers without keyboards.

All this looks good, but still the fact that you won’t get Microsoft Outlook, Access, or Publisher and other features, means users may lose some the excitement of using Office in Windows RT.

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How To Remove Email Address Suggestions In Microsoft Outlook

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Outlook is the email client program from Microsoft that helps you to configure multiple internet email accounts in it. With this email client, you can start downloading internet emails to your computer, which you can later view, even in the absence of an internet connection.

Outlook is the most favorite email client of millions of users and it has the largest number of customers. It is available to download as a standalone program and or available along with Microsoft Office Suite package. Those users who do not require the other programs of Microsoft Office may go for the standalone version. Microsoft has released several versions of Microsoft Office and all these versions included an updated Microsoft Outlook program. The latest version of the program is Outlook 2013, which was released last year.

One of features of this email client is that it automatically suggests you email addresses when you start entering an address in the To section. Even though this feature can be helpful and avoid you from the troubles of entering complete email addresses, some people might find it annoying. Therefore, in this help with Outlook section, we will find out how to remove this feature in the program.

Steps Involved

  • Open the Start menu by clicking the Windows key on your keyboard.
  • In the Start menu, place the mouse over the option All Programs. This will bring up a sub menu with the various programs installed in your computer.
  • Place the mouse cursor over Microsoft Office and from the sub menu that opens, click Microsoft Outlook.
  • When the Outlook program opens, choose the option File and click Options. In some versions of Outlook, Options would be present under Tools.

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    Configure Outlook Email

  • Select the option Mail in the new window and this will give you various settings for an email message.
  • Locate and click the option Empty Auto-Complete List, and this will open a new window that asks you to confirm the choice. Select the option Yes and this step will remove the auto-complete emails in the program.
  • Select the option OK and this will take you back to the Outlook window.

With the above steps, you can delete the Auto-Complete feature in Outlook program. You will not find email suggestions dropping down when you enter an email address in the To field. We hope that this help with Outlook section has helped you in removing Auto-complete data from the program. For any queries related to the steps mentioned above, you may contact our technical support team.

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The New Ms Outlook 2013

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Know About Your Outlook Contacts With People Card

Microsoft Outlook 2013 is the latest version of the popular email client and personal management tool. It can take care of sorting your emails, manage contacts and schedules, and much more.

The new Outlook has been designed to keep all communications in a single organized place. It has a simplistic, sophisticated yet elegant layout which can help you manage contacts and emails without any hassles. It is faster, and locating emails is easier than ever before. Not to forget, running your day-to-day schedule becomes easier, all thanks MS Outlook 2013. One of its best features is its integration with popular social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Outlook 2013 comes equipped with plenty of handy features that help enhance user experience. With the people Card option, you can integrate multiple contacts and help eliminate duplications and distinguish social context. People Card can also store all the relevant information about any contact in Outlook, all in a single place, making it easier to view all their details such as phone, email, address, social medial info, etc. This is a great way to keep track of the contacts in Outlook and have all their information at your disposal without having to search for it manually. In addition the Outlook calendar feature has also seen considerable improvements. View your schedules and arrange meetings faster to suit your time. Not to forget faster replies, instant chat, quick command options and a sophisticated intuitive filter that sorts your email perfectly, all with just a click of your mouse. All these features are available at a great price. Microsoft Outlook price is impossible to put away as you get the best top-notch email client there is.

Elegant Layout

Sort Your Mails Faster With Ms Outlook 2013

One of the key changes in the Microsoft Outlook 2013 is the easy navigation in its mail, calendar, tasks and people. Switching between screens barely takes an instant and you can multi task according to your priorities. You can customize your inbox as well to get your emails in the order you choose. One of the best features of Outlook 2013 is that you can setup multiple emails into one Outlook account. In addition there is a Weather bar that lets you stay updated with daily weather forecast and plan ahead.

Check up with Outlook help desk to help you with your Outlook problems and know Microsoft outlook price. Use Outlook to manage your day and schedule meetings while staying connected with your friends and family.

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About The New Outlook 2013 Version

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The most popular email client that Microsoft has ever released is Microsoft Outlook. In fact, Microsoft has released several versions of it and the latest version of Outlook released for the Windows 8 operating system is Outlook 2013. Outlook 2013 is embedded with many features and functions making it as one of the best email client program. It is possible to get Microsoft Outlook 2013 by downloading it from the internet and the English version costs only $109.99. Let us look at Outlook 2013 in detail.

What is new?

Outlook 2013 has many new features, which was not included in the previous versions of Outlook. In fact, this version of Outlook has a very new look and feel and it gives you a clear view of the calendar, contacts and email. By connecting efficiently with others, it is possible to communicate easily and effectively with your contacts. Moreover, one new feature included in the Outlook 2013 version is the previewing messages in the message list. In addition, you can easily reply to a message by simply clicking on it and just typing your reply in the message pane.

Efficient communication

The new version of Outlook 2013 helps you communicate with your friends and families effectively and it also provide a feature called Exchange ActiveSync Support. As a result, a user will be able to receive appointments, contacts, and push based email from Hotmail and Another thing that is included in Outlook 2013 version is Social Connectors. This will helps the users receive updates from famous social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Managing contacts easily

To easily manage contacts in Outlook 2013, it provides two features

  • People Card- It is possible to make a single view containing all the information regarding the contacts by integrating multiple contacts. This will help you identify the contacts easily and can avoid duplication of contacts.
  • Peeks- The new feature called peeks will help you look at your upcoming calendar appointments, schedule, contact details and tasks. The most interesting part is that you do not need to rearrange the windows.

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Finding information faster

The Outlook 2013 version helps you find all your important information with a feature called Search. By using this feature, you can easily find tasks, contacts, appointments, calendar, and email messages in a faster way. This will help a user save much time.

The Outlook 2013 version is compatible with operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2. However, it is not compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. To get Microsoft Outlook 2013 info, visit the Microsoft support web page online.

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