Uninstalling Outlook Add-Ons Without Hassles

Help With Outlook

        Outlook Add-In Troubles

Outlook email client is the single greatest application that can be used for getting your work done. If your work involves sending and receiving emails on a constant basis, Outlook is the best tool for your needs. Not only do you get to access your emails, you can keep a check on all the tasks that you have to perform both today and on future dates.

The productivity tools in Outlook can be extended by using Add-ons. Add-ons in their true sense, are small codes that work along with Outlook in order to o perform certain specific tasks. Depending on your needs, you can install Add-ons and run them. Add-ons are great tools to increase your productivity and enhance your Outlook experience.

However, sometimes, you might need help with Outlook in order to remove the add-on, especially when they stop working. “The add-in cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook” is a common error message which most users encounter. In such cases, it is better to disable and uninstall the Add-on and then download them on a later date. Any day, if your add-ons start acting up, the best course of action would be to disable the add-on.

Here’s how you disable the Outlook Add-on:

  • Inside Outlook email client main window, click on Tools menu and then the Trust Center option. Click on Enter the Add-ins category.
  • Depending on the type of add-ins you want to remove under Manage, click on either COM Add-ins or Exchange Client Extensions.
  • From inside the Type column, you can select the extension type. Click on Go and then highlight the unwanted Add-on.

    Outlook Email Client

                Removing Outlook Add-Ons

  • Click Remove to remove the unwanted Add-on. This works if your add-on is a COM add-in.
  • In order to disable an Exchange Client extension, you need to click on the specific add-in and remove the check-mark from the list.
  • On some rare circumstances, Outlook may complain about random add-ins that are not even enabled in your Outlook program.
  • In order to remove them, close the Outlook program.
  • Press Windows+R button to bring up the Run command. Type in %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and click Enter.
  • This will open up a folder. From inside the folder, locate extend.dat file and press Delete.

If you have followed these steps to the word, you will be able to delete and remove any add-on you wish. If you need further help with Outlook, you can contact our tech support team.

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Guidelines For Disabling Bing Search Toolbar In IE

How To Remove Bing Toolbar

                 Uninstall Bing Toolbar

Bing Search is the contemporary of MSN Search. It is developed by Microsoft and is set as the default search engine in Internet Explorer web browser. If you are opening Internet Explorer for the first time, you will see that the browser has Bing search as the homepage and default search engine. Moreover, the browser will be equipped with Bing toolbar. If you are more inclined to using Google search instead of Bing on your Internet Explorer web browser, you are free to replace Bing with Google.

How to disable Bing in Internet Explorer and Enable Google?

Unlike malicious toolbars like Search here or Babylon, you don’t have to spend much time bothering about how to remove Bing toolbar. In fact, Bing toolbar can be removed quite instantly from your web browser, given that you follow the right steps. Here are the steps to disable or uninstall Bing toolbar from Internet Explorer and enable Google in its place.


  • Open Internet Explorer web browser. To do this, navigate to the desktop shortcut for IE and double-click it. If you haven’t created a desktop shortcut, go to the Start menu and choose All Programs from the resulting menu. Locate and click Internet Explorer from the All Programs list.
  • When IE is loaded, navigate to the Tools menu. If the menu is not visible, go to the gear icon to pop up the menu.

    Bing Search

                        Bing Toolbar Removal

  • From the Tools menu options, choose Manage Add-ons. This will display the list of all the add-ons you have on your web browser. Browse through the list to locate Bing toolbar and disable it. After disabling Bing toolbar, you can enable Google toolbar and set Google as your default search provider and homepage. For this, locate and highlight Google from the Add-ons list and right-click the option.
  • Click Set as default from the dropdown options. If the list of search providers does not show Google in it, click the option that says Find more search providers from the bottom left side of the window. This will show more search provider options including Google. Locate and highlight Google in the list and select Add to Internet Explorer.
  • Once Google is added to IE, enable it and restart your web browser. This will allow the changes to take effect immediately.

The article should have answered your question how to remove Bing toolbar and enable Google search and home page in Internet Explorer.

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Inbox Zero To Improve Productivity Of Outlook Program

Microsoft Outlook Tools

         Microsoft Outlook

How many email messages do you receive every day, and how much time does it take to process these email messages? Research has revealed that on an average, people receive about 100 email messages per day. The study also revealed that 41% of the average time of an individual might be spent on sorting these email messages. This can prove to be much frustrating and counterproductive.

Microsoft Outlook tools like Inbox Zero strategy suggests that the users should consider every email message as a reason to take action, not as some object that can be piled up in the inbox of the users forever. When the users assume that each of the email requires them to take action, it becomes a motivational tool rather than becoming a burden. The actions that can be taken with the Inbox Zero tools are explained below.


This will allow the users to delete email messages from subscriptions, emails that were copied without any reason, spam emails, email messages that do not need a response, and the emails that are useless.


The users will not be able to do anything alone. If the action that needs to be taken is worth to be delegated, you can just make a task for the appropriate assignee.


Some of the email messages need nothing more than your response. You can make the response short, quick, and as valuable as possible.

Tool For Outlook

           Outlook Tools


This will send the email message to your to-do list with low priority. You can set a deadline to respond or take action later.


Send the email message to your to-do list with high priority.

The Do and the Defer points above are the most important. Email messages in these categories push the user to work quickly and are the only valuable email messages when it comes to the productivity of the Outlook program. When the users send all of their to-do email messages to the Outlook task list, they will be able to treat them like usual tasks, set deadlines, prioritize, color code etc. It would be best for you to use a special Outlook productivity tool like TaskCracker for Outlook that can significantly decrease the amount of time that you spend on processing and prioritizing tasks.

These are some of the salient features of the Inbox Zero strategy tool for Outlook. If you wish to know more on the different Microsoft Outlook tools, you can contact our Outlook support desk.

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The Complete Package Called Microsoft Outlook

Information Manager

                     Outlook 365 Subscription

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager developed by Microsoft, which is available in different versions. It is released along with the Microsoft suite that contains other office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc. However, they are also released separately, which can be useful for people who are not interested in buying the whole package.

Some of the Outlook versions from Microsoft are Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and Outlook 2013. The latest suite is called Outlook 365, which is a subscription-based office online. There is a version that was released for Mac computers called Outlook 2011. The Microsoft Outlook Price varies with different versions, and Outlook 2011 being the most expensive.

In this fast moving world where you need to perform well under intense pressure, Microsoft Outlook makes work easier eliminating the stress factor. Outlook can get your work done easily and quickly. Moreover, people working in an organization would not be able to work effectively without Outlook, since they may have all the details required for work saved up in Outlook.

Outlook is not just another email application or an email client; it also includes features like calendars, contact manager, notes, meetings and more. When you have all these things in the same place, would that not be great? The application lets you manage and monitor daily tasks better.

If you are new to the application, you need not worry because it is relatively simple. It is enough if you know how to use your computer in general and to browse the internet. If you know these, you are ready to get started. You would be acquainted with the application as and when you work with it.

Microsoft Outlook Price

                    Outlook 2011 For Mac

There are various benefits with the application apart from just sending emails. As a primary function, it lets you compose and send emails as well as receive them. When you compose emails, you can add special effects with the different formatting features available. You can manage your email messages by putting the required emails into a folder or listing them under a suitable label and many more.

There are more features for archiving email messages, rejecting unwanted emails, and blocking a particular email id; overall, it can be termed as an information manager. Any message that is found suspicious or potential to harm the computer will be recognized by Outlook and these would be listed under spam messages.

The Microsoft Outlook price varies with different versions. It is suggested to buy the Microsoft Office suite, which comes with many additional productivity tools along with Outlook.

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Microsoft Outlook 2013 Comes Loaded With Features

Microsoft Outlook Price

Features Of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the email programs in the market that has millions of users around the world. The program comes as one of the utilities in the Microsoft Office Suite package. Microsoft Outlook is available for purchase as a separate program too. You can find different versions of the program. You can purchase this program from a local retailer or purchase it from online stores. Microsoft Outlook price varies depending upon the variant you choose.

So, what are the advantages of Outlook? With the installation of Outlook, you can make this program as your default email program and avail various benefits. This email client comes loaded with numerous features, which will help in managing your emails with lot of ease. Outlook helps you to maintain your email contacts and add appointments to the program. You can share the calendar in the program with others, which will improve the efficiency of your business. Outlook address book helps you to identify duplicate contacts in the list and helps to avoid it.

After the release of Outlook, Microsoft has been constantly upgrading it along with Office Suite. The latest version of Outlook is Outlook 2013. This version can be installed from Microsoft Office Suite 2013 or by purchasing it as an individual program. Microsoft has come up with numerous enhancements on Outlook 2013. Let us go through these added features in detail.

Easier navigation

With Outlook 2013, you can go through your emails much easier when compared to its previous versions. You can switch between different folders and windows instantly. Outlook adds new methods to customize the inbox and this means you can easily arrange the emails in the folder. This helps you to locate the emails with lot of ease.

Weather bar

The weather bar on the program is a great tool, which will help you to go through the daily forecasts as and when you are working with the program.

Microsoft Support

Advantages Of Microsoft Outlook

In addition to the above features, the program is loaded with other features like attachment reminder, people hub, exchange ActiveSync, Add-in resiliency, Cached Exchange mode improvements, Startup performance improvements, Outlook data file compression, IMAP improvements etc.

With the above enhancements, Outlook 2013 could be a great asset. It can help you to improve the efficiency of your business and personal communication. For Microsoft Outlook price and further information on the product, you may contact Microsoft support or go through the Outlook help forums.

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