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If you have installed Microsoft Office Suite in your PC, you would have probably used Microsoft Outlook, which is an email client application. An email client application is different from a webmail account. A webmail account can be operated within a web browser. You would not need any particular software application for the same. On other hand, an email client is an application for emailing. By its default features, it will not have the ability to send or receive emails. You have to configure it and set up your favourite email account in it.

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client application in the world. It allows you to set up as many email accounts in it as you wish. In order to set up your favourite email account in Outlook, you need to configure the proper Outlook setting.  After configuring the Outlook setting and setting up your email account in it, you will be able to send and receive emails from your Outlook application. Read the below steps carefully to learn how to set up an email account in Outlook.


  • Make sure that you have installed Outlook in your PC. If you haven’t installed the app, insert the Microsoft Office Suite set up CD in the disk drive of your PC. When you are prompted to choose between Complete installation and Custom installation, go for Custom installation. Choose Microsoft Outlook and click Next to continue. Follow the onscreen directions to complete the installation.
  • After Outlook is successfully installed in your PC, configure the Outlook setting.
  • Launch the application. You will find a dialogue box titled Set up your email account. Select the option that says New Email.

    Webmail Account

               Setup Email In Outlook

  • You will now get three different sections (Account Details, Server Details and Login Details) to fill in with appropriate information.
  • Fill in each section with appropriate information and click Next to continue to the next section. If you are not sure about any of the information like your Server details, feel free to contact your email service provider.
  • After providing appropriate inputs in all of the above fields, go to the Advanced Settings and set the server port numbers.
  • Click OK followed by Finish to save the changes you have made in the Outlook setting.

You must have successfully set up your email account in Microsoft Outlook. Now, you can send emails to your loved ones from Outlook without having to access your email account from the web browser.

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Steps To Import ICS File Into Outlook

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ICS or iCalendar can be referred to as a standardized format that is used to store and transmit calendar data in an email program. These can also include scheduled events as well as the to-do lists that you have saved in the application. Microsoft Outlook is often regarded as the most advanced email applications owing to the array of useful and sophisticated features available in the program.

While trying to import an ICS file into Outlook, you can encounter several error messages. In such cases, the best option will be to call up the Outlook tech support team and seek help with Outlook issues. While importing the ICS file into Outlook, the Notes client can allow you to export into the file. For importing the ICS file into Microsoft Outlook, you can use the following instructions:

  • At first, you can click on the File option followed by Open and Import. You can import the information from an iCalendar (ics) or vCalendar (vcs) File
  • In the next step, you can navigate to the path, which contains your specific ICS File. Now, you need to click on the Open as New option.

Although importing the ICS file via this method is the easiest option, it can also lead to some issues. For example, if you have data stored in your ICS file that you do not require, removing them one by one by accessing the main calendar option can be a real headache. You can instead import them into a new calendar first and then check if they are the ones that you actually require.

Notes Client

Outlook Calendar Issues

For copying the items into your primary calendar, you can follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • In the first step, you can click on the View Menu and then on Change View followed by List. If your Microsoft Outlook switches back to its default view, you ought to select the imported calendar under “Other Calendars” and then again repeat the view change.
  • Now, you need to delete or modify calendar entries as and when you require and once you’re done, you can choose all the items in the list, and then move them to your primary calendar.
  • Next, you can right click on the ICS file and then click the Delete Calendar option.

By following these instructions, you can successfully import an ICS file into Outlook. To get help with Outlook issues, you may contact our technical support personnel.

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Synchronizing Your Outlook Files Stored In Two Different Devices

Microsoft Outlook Price

About Outlook Synchronization

Most of us use different computers at office and home. This means that you will have to juggle various files and data between the two devices. This is especially needed when you use same applications on both computers. For example, if you are using MS Outlook on your office computer, the changes you make in the application in will not be updated in your home PC.

Synchronizing your Outlook files

In other words, you will have to find a way to synchronize these files on two separate devices. In order to do this, you will have to either use an Outlook synchronizing application, or copy and update all the data manually.

There are many Outlook synchronization applications available for free out there, but the good ones are always the paid versions. You can download the free trial version of a program, use it for the free period, and see if it is useful. Yet again, you will have to install the application on both the systems.

You can also use internet or a Local Area Network to connect the two systems and synchronize Outlook files stored in these two computers. Once the trial period of the free program expires, all synchronization options will be locked and you can only use it for syncing one or two files.

Local Area Network

Contact Outlook Support

The paid applications does not cost that much, but just about half the Microsoft Outlook price or even less. It saves the trouble of manually synchronising Outlook folders between the two machines, which is not at all easy. Outlook files in your system may be of great size. Copying it from one system to another using an external storage device can take a long time.

Yet another option is to store the Outlook files in an external storage media and use it as the location for storing Outlook files in both your computers. Nevertheless, remember that you will have to connect the external media to the system every time you start Outlook application. Otherwise, you might get an Outlook error. Apart from that, most of the time, using an external device as default Outlook storage location leads to data corruption.

The best option it seems is to buy an Outlook synchronization tool, even if it costs much more than Microsoft Outlook price. It will make the whole thing easier.

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Steps To View Group Schedules In Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is an advanced email application that comprises of several user-friendly and sophisticated features. Some of these useful features include a calendar, task manager, to-do lists option and journals etc. These allow the users to schedule their events appropriately as well as remember the important dates in their day-to-day life.

Along with these interesting features, Outlook also functions as an excellent personal information manager. This means that the email program securely stores the personal and contact information of the users in specific folders. If the personal information is stored in Personal Storage Table files, the Outlook address book stores the contact information of the users. For any issues related to this email application, the users can seek help with Outlook tech support team.

Outlook also enables the users to set up groups in the application to make it easier to view the schedules of all the group members in quick time. This can enable you to check when the group members are available so that you can schedule a meeting. Moreover, you won’t require remembering each team member’s name or typing each of them individually.

You can use the following instructions to view all the schedules of a group.

  • At first, you need to launch your Outlook calendar. Now, you need to click on Actions and then select the Group Schedules option. Here, you will be able to see the Group Schedules dialog box, which will list all the groups that you have already created.
  • In cases where you haven’t created any groups in Outlook, you need to click on New to do so. Alternatively, you can also delete old groups from your list. Meanwhile, you can also contact the Outlook technical support team to get help with Outlook issues.

    Personal Information Manager

                  Outlook Issues

  • In the next step, you need to double-click on the specific group you would want to view. You can also highlight the group and click on Open.
  • Here, a schedule window will appear which will list all the schedules for the group members. Now, if you require, you can add and delete members of the group.
  • Once you’re done, click on Save followed by Close to save any changes you have made to the group.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to view all the schedules of a group in Microsoft Outlook. To get more information on the same, you may get in touch with our technical support team.

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Don't Panic! Windows 7 Is Not Going To Do Die!

Windows 7 Help

Windows 7 OS

Microsoft recently announced a list of products that will soon reach their end-of-support by the beginning of 2015. Some of these products will be outdated by the second half of 2014. One of the most important products among these is Windows 7, whose mainstream support will end on January 13, 2015. This threw Windows 7 users in to a tizzy believing Windows 7 would suffer the same fate of Windows XP just 3 years after its release. Loads of users contacted the Windows 7 help site and many others called the Windows 7 help line number, hoping to make sense of the news.

Relax! First off, there are two types of End-of-support. First is the mainstream end-of-support while the other is the extended end-of-support. Extended end of support is what happened to Windows XP this year, after which the operating system is effectively dead. No performance improvements or security upgrades, however important, are provided after this. Unlike the Extended end of support, mainstream end of support does not mean end of security updates! No more Service Packs or features will be released for a particular software after the mainstream end of support date.

Since Windows 7 is currently powering over half of the PCs running around the world, rumors are adrift that Windows 7 will also enjoy Extended Support for 13 years because its popularity far supersedes Windows XP. However, these rumors have not come from any reliable sources and no official confirmation has been released to this effect. However, Microsoft advised its customers to upgrade to the next available Service Pack as soon as they can and avail other support options available with that particular service pack.

Visual FoxPro

Windows 7 Support

Apart from Windows 7, other major products that will reach end of support are Windows Storage Server version 2008, Windows Phone version 7.8, Windows Server version 2008, Exchange Server of 2010 and Dynamics. Apart from these major updates, certain niche products have also reached end of support. These include Windows CE version 5.0, Visual FoxPro version 9.0, Virtual Server version 2005, Systems Management Server version 2003, Internet Security and Acceleration Server version 2004, and Host Integration Server version 2004. If you want detailed information about the end of support of any of these features, you may contact the Windows 7 help team.

Similar to Windows 7, extended support for these software suites will continue for 18 more months after the mainstream end of support. During this time, free security updates will be available while no more performance upgrades can be expected.

If you are looking to buy Microsoft Windows 7 for home or personal use, you should do the same before October 31, 2014, since the date marks the end of sale for Windows 7. For more details, you may contact our technical support team.

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