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Steps To Purchase And Download Microsoft Outlook In Your System

Microsoft Outlook price

Microsoft Outlook versions

Microsoft Outlook proves to be an essential email application which helps you to have easy access of your emails, as well as organize your day-to-day events. You can download this email application from Microsoft’s official website. But sometimes, you may face issues regarding the download of Outlook.

You can try the following instructions to download Microsoft Outlook in your system:

  • First, you should check your system requirements for Outlook. You need to verify that your system meets the requirements before downloading Outlook, by checking each requirement listed, such as operating system, browser, processor, and hard disk.
  • Once you have checked the system requirements, you need to decide how you’ll download Outlook i.e. either as a part of Microsoft’s Office suite, or separately.
  • You can also check the Microsoft Outlook price in the website. There would also be an option to download Outlook for a free 60-day trial period, so that you can decide later about purchasing it.
  • Complete the next two steps to accomplish this. Skip to Step 8 to purchase and download Outlook instead of downloading the free trial version.
  • Now, go ahead and click on the link for Microsoft Office Free Trial Download in Resources, followed by hitting the Download Now button.
  • For this free trial version of Outlook, you need to click on the Create My Account option and follow the on-screen instructions. However, as mentioned earlier, you can also opt to buy the application separately by comparing the Microsoft Outlook price.

    operating system

         Outlook tech support

  • To compare the prices and Microsoft products, you can use the Microsoft Store: All Microsoft Office Products link in Resources.
  • Once you decide the version of Outlook, you need to click on the product selected, and then place a check mark next to either of the Full or Upgrade versions, as you require. Place a check mark near the Download option under Delivery Method.
  • In the next step, you can click on the Add to Cart button and purchase and download Outlook. Now, click on the Checkout Now option to continue the procedure.
  • Now, enter your billing information as well as the payment details. Once completed, click on the Next option and follow the steps to purchase and download Outlook in your computer.

These steps would help you to successfully purchase and download Microsoft Outlook for your computer. However, if you have more queries, feel free to contact our technical support team.

Tips To Become Familiar With Microsoft Outlook

what are the extra features of Microsoft Outlook 2013

     Download Outlook software

Even though many users have the Microsoft Outlook up and running on their computers, large numbers of them do not know what to do with it. Such kinds of people are basically uneducated with the Outlook tool. Well to educate oneself with Microsoft Outlook, get Microsoft Outlook and the below mentioned guidelines have to be correctly followed.


  • After availing the CD or making use of the internet to download the software, the software has to be installed. The instructions that appear on screen have to be followed for the successful installation. Outlook should be chosen as the default client during the installation procedure.
  • In order to receive and send mails, the email accounts have to be setup. From the internet service provider, names of the outgoing and incoming mail server have to be obtained. Outlook should be accessed and from the menu bar at the top, the Tools menu should be clicked and from the menu, choose Account Settings. Your new account can be added from the Account Settings window. The essential details have to be inputted.
  • To move between contacts, tasks, calendar and notes, at the top, the GO option can be seen and it has to be clicked or in the screen at the bottom left, four icons can be seen and one of them should be clicked.
  • To create a new contact, make an appointment, create tasks or mails at the top, the New option is present and it should be clicked.
  • For the processing of the outgoing and incoming mails to take place, the Send And Receive button should be clicked.

    Outlook support

             Tools menu in outlook

  • For the creation of folders for the proper classification of tasks, mails and notes to the folders, the File menu should be clicked and New should be selected followed by choosing Folder.
  • By clicking View and altering Toolbars, Current View, and Navigation pane according to your choice, the appearance of Outlook on the screen can be customized.

By following the above mentioned guidelines to get Microsoft Outlook working the way you want, you can easily customize the email client and get to know about its functionalities very easily. If you have any queries or require professional help with Outlook, you may contact our customer support center. Our customer support center will provide the best help tips and guidelines so that you can use the Outlook program without encountering any issues.

Resolve The Gmail Rejecting Your Password Error In Outlook

what are the extra features of Microsoft Outlook 2013

     Microsoft Outlook tools

Microsoft is a generous provider of many excellent services, servers, applications and softwares that are used by millions across the globe. Microsoft Outlook is one such Microsoft product, which comes as part of the Microsoft Office Suite of servers, applications and services. It is an excellent email client, which is used as a personal information manager. Many Microsoft Outlook tools and features are extremely useful especially in business settings. There are Microsoft Outlook tools and features that can help you customize Outlook the way you want based on your needs.

If you are a regular Outlook user then you might obviously have experienced some or the other problems with this email service. In case, if you are having a problem configuring your Microsoft Outlook software to load your Google Mail account, or Gmail, this article will help to resolve your issue. We all know that Gmail is the most popular webmail service and Outlook is the most widely used email software available today. Usually, both would work excellently together. However, there can be problems occasionally. The main problem you will be facing is in the initial stages. Once, you get through that stages then you would have a seamless service.


  • Initially, you need to log in to your gmail account through a web browser to confirm your login password is working properly. You can do this by visiting
  • After that, you need to click on the Settings link in the upper right hand corner of the window then, which is present within the Settings window, and then click on ‘Forwarding’ and then ‘POP/IMAP’. Enable both of the following radio buttons: ‘Enable POP for All Mail’ and ‘Enable IMAP’. Click on ‘Save Changes’. After that, log out of your Gmail and close your browser.

    Microsoft Outlook tools

                Set up email using Microsoft Outlook for Gmail

  • Then, you need to reload your Microsoft Outlook and come back to the email accounts window where you entered your username, password and other information to set up your Gmail account. You need to make sure that anywhere you enter your Gmail username that you always end it with However, it is not necessary in the Web-based login, but this is necessary in Gmail.
  • You need to re-enter your password carefully, making sure that you are careful to use the upper and lower case characters correctly.

You need to make sure that your incoming server is listed as ‘’ for POP mail or In both the cases, your outgoing server should be listed as These steps should fix your issue.

Procedure To Turn Microsoft Outlook Back Online

Microsoft Outlook problems

             About Microsoft Outlook problems

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email service in the software world. The reason for its popularity is not just it has amazing features Microsoft Outlook tools. It is highly customizable and flexible. Its customizability is so good that you can set it according to the way you want certain features to appear. It is a wonderful personal information manager. There are many wonderful features like scheduling appointments or interview; allocating tasks; managing events etc. The most basic feature available is that you can send and receive emails or messages.

One of the best Microsoft Outlook tools or features is the one which allows users to choose to work in the offline mode. This is extremely useful as Offline mode allows the user to have access to all email and attachments without downloading new emails. This particularly useful if you have set the Outlook to check and receive mail automatically. In case, if a user requires to concentrate on a project without actually having always being disturbed by arrival of new mails. It is possible to change their Outlook to offline mode. However, in case you need to change back the Online mode you can do it by following the instructions given below:

POP3, IMAP or HTTP Email Account

  • Initially, you need to launch the Microsoft Outlook mail client.
  • After that, you can click on File from the top bar. And you would see the menu drop down.
  • After that, you need to choose the Work Online option from the drop-down menu. Then, your Outlook mail client should automatically connect to the online mail server and start sending and receiving email again.

Microsoft Exchange Server Email Account

  • You need to open the Microsoft Outlook mail client.
  • Then, you can click on the Tools menu, and select E-mail Accounts.
  • Then click on View or change existing e-mail accounts, then click the Next button.
  • After that, you need to click on Microsoft Exchange Server, then click on the Change button.

    Outlook support

                        Contact Outlook support

  • You can click the More Settings option.
  • Then, click on the Choose the connection type when starting option, then choose OK button to save the setting. This lets you choose whether you want to launch Outlook in online or offline mode each time you start the client.
  • After that, finally you need to restart the Outlook and then allow it to launch in online mode.

That the procedure to turn Microsoft Outlook back online once you’re done using it in the offline mode.

Steps To Move Contacts To Outlook From Excel

Microsoft Outlook price

                       Features Of Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email client program that comes bundled with the Microsoft’s Office Suite application. Outlook is also available for purchase as a standalone program. Microsoft Outlook price could vary depending on various factors like local taxes. Even though it is basically an email client program, Microsoft Outlook has numerous features like storage of contacts, calendars, to do list etc. These features make it one of the most feature rich email clients in the world.

Steps Involved

Outlook helps you to import contacts from Microsoft Excel program. With a few simple steps, you can export all the contacts to the program, and store them safe. In this post, we will take you through the steps involved in this process.

Exporting from Microsoft Excel

The first step is to export the contacts from Excel in CSV form. For this, launch the Excel file that contains the contacts information like Name, email address, phone number etc. Choose the option File in the menu bar and select Save As. When the Save As window opens, give a name to the Excel file. In the box for File Type, choose CSV (Comma delimited). Select OK and this will end the export process.

Importing to Microsoft Outlook

Follow the steps below if you wish to import the contacts to an existing folder.

  • Launch Outlook program and select the option File.
  • Choose Import and Export. This will open the wizard for importing the file.
  • Select the option Import from another program or file and then select the button Next.
  • Choose the option Comma Separated Values (Windows), and choose Next.
  • Select the option Browse and go to the location of the file, which you have saved earlier.
  • Choose the option Allow duplicates and then choose Next.
  • Choose the option Map Custom fields and then Finish to complete the process.

    Office suite

               Configure Microsoft Outlook

Follow the steps below if you wish to import the contacts to a newly created folder.

  • Launch Outlook and then select the Contacts folder by right clicking it.
  • Choose the option New Folder and name it. Click OK.
  • Follow the same steps that we have mentioned above to import the contacts to this folder.

We hope that the above given steps have helped you to import contacts to Outlook. As mentioned above, Outlook program is available separately for purchase, and Microsoft Outlook price is comparatively cheaper to similar programs. Therefore, purchase Outlook today and learn more about the features of this futuristic email client.

Steps To Save Emails In Outlook As Word Documents

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Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email applications around. It comprises of various advanced features such as journals, task manager, calendar, etc which enable the users to schedule and organize their important events as well as appointments. Hence, Outlook is also known as a personal information manager. The personal information of the users is stored in files known as personal storage tables, whereas the contact information is stored in Outlook Address Books. You can always contact the Outlook help support to get help with Outlook issues.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook as your primary email application, you can easily save any email into a Microsoft Word document. The application in Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 helps you to archive your emails in many ways, such as allowing you to download and save messages as a file, or to create a template for the types of messages that you usually send. According to the Outlook tech support, if you want to save an Outlook email message as a Microsoft Word document i.e. .doc or .docx, you should be able to manually copy the email content and header, into Microsoft Word and then save the document.

You can use the following instructions to save the Outlook email as Word documents before contacting the technical support:

  • In the first step, you need to open the Microsoft Outlook application and Microsoft Word in your system.


    Outlook issues

  • Once you have opened the applications, you need to open the email which you want to copy, and save as a Word file in Outlook.
  • Now, open a new Microsoft Word Document. At any point of time, you can seek assistance from the Outlook help support, and get help with Outlook issues.
  • In the next step, you need to go back to the Outlook email window, click inside the email, and then press the Ctrl and A keys together in order to select the content.
  • Now, copy the content by pressing the keys Ctrl and C together. Go ahead and paste email content in the Word document by clicking the Ctrl and V keys together.
  • In the final step, click on the Office button on the top left-hand side of the screen, and select the Save As option. Now, name the document and click Save.

These steps would help you to successfully save Outlook email as Word documents. For more information, check Microsoft’s official website.

Experience Fast Browsing With Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft support site

       Features Of Microsoft IE11

With the release of browsers like Google Chrome, the market share of Internet Explorer had come down considerably. Customers slowly migrated to new browsers that offered much greater speeds and were less prone to virus attacks. Internet Explorer was always criticized for its slow browsing speed. However, Microsoft has released the latest version of Internet Explorer, IE11, which offers high browsing speed with the addition of numerous features.

The high browsing speed is attributed to many reasons. According to Microsoft support site, “Page Prediction, preload, and prefetch in IE11 give the browser a head start in downloading and rendering the next page or downloading resources for the next page. For common browsing patterns, pages are pre-emptively fetched and even constructed in the background in a hidden tab so they appear instantly when you click on that link.”

With the techniques of preloading, prefetching and prediction incorporated in the browser, the browser gives you quicker search results and loads your internet pages much faster. Microsoft support site says that one of the features included in the browser, page prediction, will take you to the next page that you wish to visit by predicting your choice. The company illustrated an example, where the browser automatically browsed through the images in a website, without the user having to load each page that contains images. This will give you a feel that you are just reading a magazine with pages automatically loading.

Windows 7

      Microsoft Web Browser

Another enhancement in the browser is the support for SPDY/3. Microsoft support site says that this is a new protocol designed to increase the browsing speed and it combines multiple requests into a single network. With these changes, users with devices like laptops or netbooks can ensure prolonged battery life. It also helps these users to avoid unexpected data charges.

Microsoft support site says that in addition to all the above-mentioned features, the browser is smart. You might think that the page prediction technique may annoy you if the browser loads a web page that you did not intend to open. However, the browser preloads only those pages which it is quite sure that you are going to open. The browser also avoids the web pages using your system resources unnecessarily and it limits the prefetch and preload operations.

IE11 is currently available for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. Microsoft hopes to regain the browser market share with the introduction of this latest browser.

Get The New Zoho CRM Plug-In For Outlook

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            New Zoho CRM plug-in for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email application client released by Microsoft. It is considered as a widely accepted email client because of its user-friendly features and functions. It has a wide range of features including sending and receiving of emails, tasks, schedules, and calendar.

Recently, a new Zoho CRM plugin was released for Microsoft Outlook that will help the users to synchronize data like emails, contacts, events and tasks in Microsoft Outlook with Zoho CRM. As a result, a user can easily share some important information. In addition to this feature, it is also possible to copy the incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook to the Zoho CRM and the emails are listed in the form of cases. For more help with Outlook Zoho CRM plugin, read the below given paragraphs.

Features associated with Zoho CRM Plug-in

  • By using the Zoho CRM Plug-in, it is possible for a user to automatically synchronize items like calendar events, notes, contacts, tasks and events from Outlook to Zoho CRM.
  • In Zoho CRM plug-in, it is possible to connect the incoming and outgoing emails in Outlook with leads, contacts or Potentials.
  • Without making any modifications in the original email messages in Microsoft Outlook, it is possible to change the email messages and the corresponding file attachments to the Lead or Contact in Zoho CRM plug-in.
  • In addition to importing, you can also export items that exist in Microsoft Outlook like calendar, tasks and contacts to the Zoho CRM plug-in.
  • It gives the provision for a user to add emails in the form of cases to the new Zoho CRM plug-in.
  • Usually, synchronizing contacts, tasks and calendar can cause duplication of data. However, such issues are not there in Zoho CRM as you can easily synchronize contacts, tasks and calendar without conflict issues.

    Zoho CRM Plugin

            Know more on Zoho CRM plug in for Outlook

Needed System Specifications 

  • The Zoho CRM plug in is compatible with systems having 256 MB of RAM with x486 and a minimum hard-disk space of 10 MB.
  • It is compatible with systems installed with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 8. However, the Mac users will not be able to use this plug-in with Microsoft Outlook.
  • It is possible to use the Zoho CRM plug-in with Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft Outlook 2013.

The above said are the features and the minimum system specifications needed for using the Zoho CRM Plug-in with Microsoft Outlook. For more help with Outlook, contact the Outlook tech support team.

Features Of The New Microsoft Outlook 2013

what are the extra features of Microsoft Outlook 2013

what are the extra features of Microsoft Outlook 2013

The most recent version of Outlook released by Microsoft is Outlook 2013. Like previous versions, this version of Outlook too has some added features that will enhance the user experience to a high extent. Read on the below given paragraphs to know more on the features and the Microsoft Outlook price for the 2013 version.

Features associated with Outlook 2013

  • The latest version of Outlook includes a special feature embedded in to it and is known as People Cards. This feature helps Microsoft Outlook 2013 to collect important details related to a contact in one place. This information includes email, address, phone, and company information. Moreover, you can send instant text messages and even a meeting can be scheduled by using the People Card feature.
  • Another feature embedded in the Outlook 2013 version is related to the calendar. The calendar application in Outlook 2013 will help you to know about the appointment by letting the user know about the exact time remaining. In addition, weather forecast and the current weather conditions can be added in the Calendar application of Outlook 2013.
  • The Outlook 2013 version allows a user to access push notifications, contacts and appointments from the account. Thus, you need not want to make separate logins to both the accounts.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013 has a navigation bar that will help a user to open things like email, contacts, calendar and many other things in a faster way by speeding up the communication purposes when compared with other versions of Outlook.
  • Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can be integrated in Outlook 2013. Thus, a user will automatically receive updates that are coming in these social networking profiles, making you to stay in touch with latest news and trends.
  • The appointments and tasks added for this week and for the coming weeks can be easily viewed in Outlook 2013 calendar with a single click.

    Added Outlook 2013 features

                             Added Outlook 2013 features

System Requirements for Microsoft Outlook 2013

To support Outlook 2013, a machine should have the following specifications.

  • Processor- It is compatible with a computer having 1 gigahertz or faster x86- or x64-bit processor with SSE2 instruction set processor.
  • RAM Memory- 1GB for 32 bit and 2GB for 64-bit operating system.
  • Hard Disk- A minimum of 3GB.
  • Display resolution- A computer having 1024×768 resolution and a DirectX10 graphics card.
  • Operating System- Outlook 2013 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Requires a .NET version of 3.5, 4.0, or 4.5.
  • Easy to use with touch screen devices.

To know more on Microsoft Outlook price for the 2013 version, contact Microsoft support.

Acer To Concentrate More On Android Technology

Microsoft Windows 8

         Acer to reduce Microsoft support

Acer recently announced that they will be withdrawing support for Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems and concentrating more on Android based mobile devices and Google Chromebooks.

In a conference call with journalists and analysts discussing their dismal performance the previous quarter, Acer officials stated they are putting their chips in with Android devices, and hoping this change worth contribute to the company’s sales by the end of 2014.

According to Wall Street Journal, President Jim Wang stated, “We are trying to grow our non-Windows business as soon as possible.” He added, “Android is very popular in smartphones and dominant in tablets…. I also see a new market there for Chromebooks.”

Microsoft is losing its elite crows slowly to Android and other platforms like Apple’s iOS. In an effort to revive their global PC market Microsoft released the Windows 8 operating system last fall. Hoping to give the software giant an edge in the mobile device market, Microsoft Windows 8 was aimed for the new touch based generation, but so far has not been as successful as Microsoft hoped.

The downturn in the PC market and rise of touch devices has also had a big impact on Acer and other popular PC manufacturers. Acer hopes to solidify their financial numbers by collaborations with the Google technology in an effort to boost their decreasing sales. According to last year’s reports Android devices like the smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks accounted for about 10 to 12 percent of Acer’s revenue, which the company hopes to increase to more than 30 percent in the present year.

Google Chromebooks

           Windows 8 losing battle

This might just help Acer get back in the game who saw a loss of revenue amounting to almost $11.4 million in the previous quarter. In the same period last year, Acer only made $56 million. The losses to the company hit Acer hard, as they not only lost in the declining PC market, but also spent enormous amount of money trying to remodel their industrial designs and marketing hoping to boost its image as a high-end vendor.

While Acer hopes to boost sales by concentrating more on Android device and less on Microsoft Windows 8, Acer stated that Microsoft needs to concentrate selling their products to end users.

Chairman J.T. Wang commented during the call, “The Windows camp has to do something to re-establish or reinforce confidence among PC users. People are reluctant [to buy] and are holding [off] their purchasing decisions.”