Setting Up Comcast Email With Microsoft Outlook

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      Configuring Microsoft Outlook

When you take a Comcast Internet Connection they provide you with an email service too. Instead of accessing your email by going to the Comcast site, you can get Microsoft Outlook to receive and send mails from the Comcast email address. Outlook can help you keep your mails organized, rather than in a haphazard manner.

Setting up an email address is a really straightforward process. When you start up Outlook, it asks you for the mail address, and then automatically detects the server settings. But this cannot always be so. Microsoft Outlook sometimes does not detect the server settings. Read on to find out how to configure Microsoft Outlook manually.

  • Launch Outlook and click the Tools dropdown menu at the top of the screen and click Account settings.
  • Make sure that the E-mail tab is on top and click the New button.
  • Select the Microsoft Exchange POP3, IMAP or HTTP radio button and click Next.
  • Click in the Your Name box and type in your name.
  • Type your Comcast email address and type your password in the password box. Retype the password in the box below to confirm it.
  • Check the box labeled Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next.
  • Select Internet Email radio button and click Next. Most of the boxes here will be already filled in automatically based on the information you gave earlier.
  • Click the Incoming Mail Server and set
  • Click the Outgoing mail server and set
  • Type your Comcast email user name and password. The username is the text that appears before

    Email address

           Comcast email

  • Click the More Settings button on the lower right corner of the window.
  • Click the Outgoing server tab and check the box labeled My Outgoing Server (SMTP) require authentication. Click the Use same settings as my incoming mail server radio button.
  • Click the Advanced tab and click in the box next to Outgoing Server (SMTP) and change the port number to 587.
  • Click OK, Next and Finish. Your email account has been set up and is ready for use with Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook will now download emails from the Comcast server to your computer. It would take some time before all the emails are downloaded to your system. You can also get Microsoft Outlook to set up Appointments and manage your calendar entries. There are methods by which you can configure Microsoft Outlook with a calendar server.