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Microsoft Outlook is regarded as the personal information manager and supports many options such as calendar, scheduler, journals, task manager etc. These help in storing all the essential information of the user i.e. personal and professional. Outlook comprises of a set of files known as personal storage tables or PST files, which act as the storage space for the contacts, emails, events on your calendar etc. Microsoft Outlook also has options to print the contacts as business cards and memo. However, in some cases you may not be able to open the contacts and get error messages. This is mainly because the PST files get corrupted.

Most of us require the assistance of a technician to repair the corrupted PST files and get Microsoft Outlook back into the computer. However, if we check out some of the basic factors, we can ourselves fix the issues with Outlook. The Microsoft Outlook email files are said to be vulnerable to certain problems and errors and thus, become damaged or corrupt. One of the best solutions to these errors is using the repair tools or repair programs available to the Microsoft Outlook users. Once the files are damaged, the user would not be able to access this mail program. Hence, it becomes difficult to send and receive emails through Outlook. Similarly, the setting of appointments and tasks may also prove to be difficult.

As mentioned earlier, the only solution would be to repair the Outlook using the Inbox Repair Tool or a Repair Program. The success of the repair by the Repair Tool depends on how corrupted or damaged the application is. You can also go to the official Microsoft website and check the how to get Microsoft Outlook option, to know more about this issue.

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One of the main advantages is that Microsoft provides a free utility in the presence of the application’s Inbox Repair Tool, to help the user to fix the program. A tool known as Scanpst.exe repairs the Microsoft Outlook files by mending the header information and deleting all the irrelevant data it cannot read. Hence, this built-in tool can repair the corrupted PST file if the main cause of the issue lies with the PST Files header. However, even if the problem is successfully fixed, not all your essential data can be recovered fully.

So, if you face issues with the PST files in Outlook, you can use the Recovery Tools to fix the issue. If you still face the same problem, you can also contact the Microsoft helpdesk.