Default Email App For Windows 8.1

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Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 update stands out for its status as a complementary operating system of Windows 8. Windows 8 could not make much impact on customers as expected owing to some of its flaws. The tech giant believes that Windows 8.1 update has the potential to appease the unsatisfied Windows 8 users.

A key feature that the manufacturer boasts of in Windows 8.1 update is its default email application. Experts view that this is going to be quite in line with, a webmail service provided by Microsoft. The company believes that this default email app will have a great impact on tablet users. If it is going to be an Outlook based email app, there is no doubt that users will have access to extensive Outlook help options.

Windows 8.1 features

Although Windows 8.1 update is termed as a complementary operating system of Windows 8, it is clear that it has not deviated from its primary focus, the touch screen based devices such as tablets and mobile devices. Obviously, the default email app that is to be included in Windows 8.1 will have the fundamental features to run in a touch-oriented device. According to Dawn Martynuik, director of, the default email app for Windows 8.1 update will retain some of the key features of such as Sweep.

Sweep feature

The most appreciated advantage that many users found with Sweep feature is its efficacy in saving time. Using the Sweep feature, users could organize the mails in their inboxes quite easily. Furthermore, Sweep allows you to create rules for your future emails, such as deleting the mails from a particular sender, or scheduling auto reply to certain senders, and many more. There is also an option for social update and organizing emails as per the criteria set.

Incredible growth of 

Exchange ActiveSync

           Microsoft Outlook

Statistics from Microsoft indicate that has marked an incredible growth since its launch. As of 2nd May 2013, there are 400 million accounts in which 125 million are regular users. Almost parallel is the number of users, who access in their mobile devices via Exchange ActiveSync. There is also considerable growth in the number of users who utilize Outlook help options.

Apparently, Microsoft has incorporated a set of improvements across the default email app in Windows 8.1. The option called power pane that is intended to help users organize their inboxes would definitely invoke attention. Rearranged app bar is another feature that stands out.

Get in touch with Outlook help center to know more on the application, or visit Microsoft support center to know about the default email client app in Windows 8.1.