New Features In Outlook 13 And Exchange 13

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Despite the initial slump in the market, the number of business firms and people upgrading to Windows 8 has doubled. To attract its clients, Microsoft has recently been talking greatly about Exchange 13 and Outlook 13 which are obviously worth of Microsoft Outlook price. Microsoft claims that it has incorporated greater security and enhanced social networking features, into Outlook 13 and Exchange 13.

Key Features of Outlook 13 and Exchange 13

The upgraded features of Outlook 13 are quite convenient for the mobile users. Touch Mode in Outlook 13 works perfectly on mobile devices. Other remarkable features include the new online reply feature, “Quick peeks”, for assessing calendar, contacts and tasks in the inbox, and one touch access from a minimized ribbon.

The latest edition of Outlook 13 lets people access social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. You do not have to install any add-ons for this. Users can also load up to five weather fees or news feeds in the application. Microsoft’s recent incorporation of Yammer acquisition makes the social networking experience more pleasant and user-friendly in Outlook 13.

More interestingly, users of Outlook 13 in Exchange 13 atmospheres can get access to both Microsoft SharePoint documents and e-mail from a single folder in the Outlook application.

The incorporation of advanced security features is another highlight. Every email that comes to your inbox is filtered by the new Anti-Spam Protection and is categorized on the basis of the country from where it is sent.

In addition to all these, a set of advanced anti-spam technologies are released through Exchange service update which is also called “Exchange Online Protection”. Users can avail this service to “Forefront Online Protection for Exchange”.

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The advanced security features help the users to detect spam threat instantly at “zero day level”. This includes “top rated spam filter” features for instant detection of spam patterns or footprints.

When it comes to Exchange 13, Microsoft has included a “role-based access control”. This feature is enabled through an administrative management portal. Using this unique feature, IT administrators in big firms can customize the permission level to their employees like greater permission to higher level staff and limited permission to lower level staff.

To serve the requirement of security and regulatory compliance, Microsoft has also included additional features like DLP and e-discovery in Exchange 13.

All these additional features incorporated with Outlook 13 and Exchange 13, are indeed justifying of the Microsoft Outlook price.